First, we let you know that if any of the customer want to return the item then must need to fulfill some Conditions that are given below.

Change of Mind:

If you have change mind, then you just need to return the item on our return Address it self or we also offer you the collection service charges but Courier charge will applied depend on your product and your area

Damage or Defected item:

There are two different scenarios of the defected or damage item that are given below. Polices will swap accordingly

  • Received the Damage Good
  • Item Damage by the Customer

Received Damage Item:

If any Customer received defected or damage item then customer has right to return the product same as they received once company will receive the product then Customer is eligible for the full refund.

If customer received defected or damage item and do not return back to the company the Customer is not eligible for the refund you must need to return the item first

Damage By Customer:

If the Product is damage by the customer, then return is not acceptable but we keep cooperate with the customer we are happy to arrange the replacement part for the damage goods but the Coast will charge

Order wrong item by Customer:

If customer order the wrong product, then exchange or refund will possible but there are some conditions that applies

  • Conditions for Full Refund
  • Return and Exchange

Conditions for Full Refund:

If customer want the full refund, then Customer must need to fulfill some term Condition then customer is eligible for full refund some of these are given below.

  1. Customer must need to return the item first
  2. Item must be same as received
  3. Item must be packed in original packing
  4. If customer need to return the item itself then no charge will apply. Once the item will receive, we will process the funds
  5. If Customer want to book the Collection service with us then courier charge will applied which is Totally depend on the item you have ordered and your area where you live.

Return and Exchange:

Return and exchange is possible with other product but you must need to know some basic points

  1. Item must be same as received
  2. If you want to exchange the product then courier charge will must applies depend on the area where you live and the product you have order
  3. If you exchange the product with some cheaper product then you are eligible to get your remaining funds
  4. If you want to exchange with the product that are expensive one then you must need to pay the difference amount